Become a promoter?

Do you want to bring live professional performances to your  community?

(For presenting films with Flicks in the Sticks  please email

Arts Alive works with around 100 promoters in rural areas of Herefordshire and Shropshire to promote live professional arts events and big screen films in their local venues. Since 1999 Arts Alive promoters have brought top quality, brilliant, inspiring, talented performers  and musicians  to rural halls and community venues of all sizes. Why not join the network? 

How Does it work?

Arts Alive provides  expertise, advice and subsidy to help local promoters chose the right event for their hall. 

Annually in March/April we send out a ‘menu’, which lists over 40 companies available for booking through Arts Alive. The range includes drama, comedy, puppetry, dance, music, (classic, folk, jazz, contemporary) and storytelling. There is a ‘booking request window’ until May, the majority of our events get booked up by June, but we are still able to respond to promoter requests until the funds are all committed. There is often a second ‘booking request window’ between October - November for shows for the following spring. Our funding to subsidise this work comes  primarily from Arts Council England.  

How much does a host venue have to pay??

Shows actually cost between £500-£1000,  but working in partnership with Arts Alive makes it affordable enough for you to feel confident that you can raise sufficient income on the box office takings. 

The basic cost of a typical show for the promoter is £200 from April 2016.  Any box office over this basic sum we split 80/20. This means that if you took £400 in ticket income you would pay Arts Alive (£200+ 80% of £200 = £160,) a total to Arts Alive of £360, leaving £40 for the venue. Arts Alive pays the company fee.  The actual cost of a show paid by Arts Alive is between £450 - £1,000, plus admin and marketing overheads of around £100 per event.

Promoters  should feel confident that they can sell at least 50 tickets; the minimum adult ticket price is £10 from April 2016.

Venues are encouraged to increase their income and improve the overall ‘night out’ experience by running a bar or refreshments. This can be a good task to delegate to committee members, spreading the load and spreading the word. 

From 2016  to bridge the funding gap as local authorities withdraw arts support, following consultation with promoters the trustees invited venues using the Arts Alive service to make a donation to support the core work of  Arts Alive: Live shows, Flicks in the Sticks and satellite screenings. 

To apply to be a promoting venue, please download, complete and return the promoter application and venue fact files to  


Venue fact file

Promoter Application Form