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Company Arts Alive

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Arts Alive currently has 6 Trustees who take overall responsibility of the organisation. Trustees are from a mix of backgrounds, with a wide range of collective expertise & experience in the arts, law and business. Two trustees are also promoters. Trustees represent Arts Alive and attend national forums: the annual National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF). Each trustee is responsible for an area of the business plan, reporting back at trustee meetings on progress against targets. FOLLOWING RECENT CHANGES, THE TRUSTEES ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING NEW MEMBERS TO JOIN THEM. Arts Alive welcomes all applications, but trustees wish to increase their diversity and expertise in particular areas, and would particularly welcome applications from: Individuals aged 18-30 – to bring a younger voice and outlook to the organisation Individuals who have experience in fundraising – to offer experience and advice to the organisation Individuals knowledgeable in digital practices – to act as a Digital Trustee to drive and support Arts Alive’s future digital development Anyone with Human Resources skills as we have a growing number of staff members. We do not expect any one individual to fulfill all these roles! Click here for more details



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