As The Crow Flies

Alfie keeps hiding Beth’s gardening gloves. She’s got lots to do and it’s just not funny anymore. Why won’t he realise that gardening is helping her forget everything? Why can’t he see she’s still not over her divorce? Why can’t he just be nice? Based on a true story of a woman who struck up an unlikely friendship with a wounded crow, this new play featured live music, original songs, witty drama – and a crow called Alfie. A heart-warming story of friendship, healing and kindness from Hattie Naylor, Olivier Award nominee and adapter of Radio 4’s The Diary of Samuel Pepys. Two actors performed Beth and Alfie’s unusual story, accompanied by live music composed especially for this play by Dom Coyote. A funny, moving and timeless story of our endless fascination with birds – especially clever, tricksy, knowing birds like Alfie.


Duration 0 mins


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