Volver (15)

Director Pedro Almodovar. English sub-titles

A brilliant synthesis of love story, melodrama, ghost story and thriller that tells of three generations of women who survive death, fire and madness by means of goodness, boundless energy, and lies. Visually sumptuous, full of strong performances, this deals with mothers, daughters, sisters and their intricate relationships in a way that is typical Almodovar.

Starring Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Lola Duenas

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Complex family relationships beautifully expressed with an undercurrent of humour.

Excellent film dominated by strong women's characters. Intriguing story.

What a treat! This is the story of warm, funny, determined, but somewhat discontented women, representing three generations of a family, living in a traditional, mid Spanish town. We share the experiences of these women’s lives, from traditional roles (scrubbing family graves), to sexual abuse and violence. The story tells us of mistakes made in the past, followed by the characters’ determination to avoid repeating these mistakes and find the truth behind the loss of well loved family members. It’s a story of relationships between daughters, mothers and friends. It’s a story told with humour, realism and love, layered with many comic moments. (farting grandmothers, hiding under beds! ) There’s visual beauty lent by the ancient buildings in the town, not to mention the gorgeous Penelope Cruz. There’s a hint of romance, will she, won’t she! This film appeals on so many levels. However, there is a very dark side! I’m off to buy the DVD!

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