The Baker (12)

Director Gareth Lewis. Comedy/Thriller

Milo is a professional hit man living on the edge. When he fails to fulfil a contract for the first time in his career, he is forced to escape the city to avoid the wrath of his employers. He hides out in a remote rural village where the locals mistake him for the new baker. Forced to bake bread and cakes to maintain his cover, sparks start to fly with the beautiful local vet. He decides to start a legitimate new life as the village baker but with his past about to catch up with him, Milo soon discovers that you can't always have your cake and eat it.

Starring Damian Lewis, Kate Ashfield and Michael Gambon

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Very well receied and enjoyed. A very good "Flicks" film!

Generally enjoyed and lots of good comments. Lost two people at the interval (unknown reason as they left without us knowing till later) but otherwise fine.

greatly enjoyed the film and its local flavour, had plenty of laughs and it had a good feel-good factor

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