Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (U)

Director Jacques Tati. French Comedy

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Tati’s creation is a treasure of comedic observation of bourgeoisie manners at the seaside. Monsieur Hulot, amiable and courteous but blessed with lolloping limbs, pipe and hat, became one of cinema's best-loved characters. Throwing himself into everything from a tennis match to a fancy dress party, Hulot is an accident personified - a gentle lunatic, unaware that his enthusiasms are forging a chain of disaster. While most of the gags are visual there are some excellent sound gags too. Unmissable!

Starring Jacques Tati, Michele Rolla, Nathalie Pascaud

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Charming... with some brilliant moments. The older the audience member, the more he/she liked it!

Audience loved it. I could hear lots of laughter as I slaved in the kitchen.

This film was an excellent evenings entertainment. The film produced many golden moments that kept you smiling the next day. Jaques Tati is a master of this type of comedy, and we recommend this to AA followers.

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