Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance (PG)

Director Louise Osmond. Documentary/Drama

This is a terrifically enjoyable true story about a group of friends from a workingmen's club in the Valleys who decide to breed themselves a racehorse. Amazingly the horse they raised on the allotments in Cefn Forest takes them on a roller coaster journey to the top of the racing world. Following their dream the bar maid, ex-miners and pensioners mix with Countesses and Sheikhs in the owners enclosure at Aintree. They’re a hugely likeable crew who tell their story with broad smiles on their faces, still barely able to believe how a horse gave hope to their whole village. "Funny, inspiring - with a round of applause at the end." Flicks Promoter

Starring Dream Alliance, as himself.

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Brilliant film, a real winner, don't miss this one.

This was a fabulously uplifting film and absolutely perfect for our St David's Day screening in our small little Welsh border valley! There was laughter, some tears and a round of applause at the end. Everyone - man, woman, child left with a smile on their face.

Enjoyed by everyone, and very positive comments - several had seen it before and wanted a second chance. Didn't drag at all and was very engaging.

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Adult: £5.00  Child: £3.00 

2.00 pm

Running Time

There will be an interval during this film

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