Lad A Yorkshire Story (12a)

Director Dan Hartley. Drama

When Tom Proctor's dad dies his world falls apart; his brother joins the army, his mum is threatened with eviction and Tom gets into trouble with the police. Tom's life is turned around however when he's paired up with park ranger Al Thorpe in this enchanting coming-of-age story set in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. (This film has won many 'Best Film' awards at International Film Festivals).

Starring Bretten Lord, Alan Gibson, Nancy Clarkson, Rob Hayes, Molly McGlynn

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Most of our audience rated this really high. Several thought it was one of our best ever and lots commented on the beautiful Yorkshire scenery.

A score of 10? Well the audience of 50 rated 97.9% satisfaction! Low budget film acted by amateurs that gave a simple, touching and funny story of a Yorkshire lad growing up in adversity, all shot in the most amazing countryside. Encouraged many new faces. Definitely one off the radar to try.

Plenty of enthusiastic applause at the end of this film. A few new faces who said they would def be coming again. About 60 "Choice" sheets filled in for next film(s).

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Adult: £4.00  Child: £2.50 


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