King of Thieves (15)

Director James Marsh. Crime/Drama

Based on the Hatton Garden robbery in which a group of aging criminals plan a multi-million pound jewellery heist, this rattles along in diverting enough fashion. Despite the fabulous cast it's rather uneven in tone. So while Courtenay gives a bumbling performance that is out-and-out comedy, Broadbent tries to give us the chills. Torn between jaunty genre hijinks and a bleaker streak of realism, it is certainly watchable and entertaining, just a bit plodding. But armed with an A-grade cast giving it their all it transcends its shortcomings to make a breezily entertaining caper.

Starring Charlie Cox, Michael Caine, Michael Gambon

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

A well rounded plot is impeccably played by some of the UK's finest actors making for good entertainment

A great film, very funny in places. Quite a lot of swearing but all in context! A good village hall flick.

Wonderful - such fun! We rarely hear our audience laugh out loud - they certainly did this time! Stellar cast, great story, what's not to like?!

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