The Carer (15)

Director János Edelényi. Comedy

The Carer, made by Hungarian director Janos Edelenyi, is notable as a showcase for Brian Cox, who plays Sir Michael Gifford, a retired Shakespearean actor suffering from a form of Parkinsons that has left him flailing and cantankerous at his country estate. He has alienated a host of caregivers, but his daughter forces a new companion on him, a Hungarian refugee who has acting aspirations of her own. It s not hard to predict that a friendship will develop between the newcomer and the curmudgeon, a bond that threatens some of Sir Michael s existing relationships but ultimately proves beneficial for all parties.

Starring Brian Cox, Anna Chancellor, Emilia Fox

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Shame about the unnecessary profanities but I suppose it was portraying the character. This took the certificate from 12 up to 15 .

The audience absolutely loved this one - spontaneous round of applause at the end! Small audience, perhaps because less well known but a brilliant film with a great cast that all our regulars would love.