Wild Target (12)

Director Jonathan Lynn Comedy/Crime

This British comedy caper is a real romp and one you cannot help getting swept away with. Bill Nighy stars as Victor Maynard, a meticulous, lethally eficient, middle aged and unmarried assassin, following in the family business and still under the thumb of his domineering mother (played brilliantly by Eileen Atkins). In contrast Emily Blunt is the reckless, flamboyant and free-spirited thief Rose, aiming to pull off the ultimate art con, who finds herself on Victor's hit list, but……..

Starring Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Rupert Everett

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Very enjoyable film, well received by those who attended.

We showed the 2 short interviews with Bill Nighy first to set the scene. A good village hall film with lots of laughs for lovers of the improbable!

Very good film, quite suited to our local audience who enjoyed it very much. Great performances from Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Eileen Atkins You will not be disappointed

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