Sarah Corbett


Very Modern

Quatt Village Hall

, WV15 6QN

Inspired by my great aunts catch phrase “very modern” this show is a physical, visual, comic story telling about the rise and fall of the modernist architectural ideal for living. Dilys has moved from the two up two down terraces to the modern estate. ‘Homes, hospital, library, park and the lido...they’ve thought of everything!” It’s symbolic of a better brighter future. At the pool side we meet the community and through a series of swimming thoughts, journey through a life in the modern era of bold architectural aspirations, forward thinking and social ethos of post war Britain. "Very Modern is a beautifully formed and funny show that engages both politically and aesthetically. It asks searing questions about community responsibility and shines a light on the profound connection between our built environment and well-being. An intriguing and moving production, that also leaves you longing for the cold water tonic of the lido experience." Fiona Matthews, Producer, Theatre Orchard.

Age range
Adults and 12+

Tickets Adult: £10.00  Child: £6.00 


01746 781759 / 781214

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