Become a Promoter

If you would like to bring film or live entertainment to a community space near you, please read the information below and download the application packs from the links provided.


Arts Alive works with around 100 promoters in rural areas of Herefordshire and Shropshire to promote live, professional events in their local venues. Since 1999 Arts Alive promoters have brought top quality, inspiring, talented performers and musicians to rural community venues of all sizes. Why not join the network and become an Arts Alive promoter?

How does it work?

Arts Alive provides expertise, advice and subsidy to help local promoters chose the right event for their hall. Annually in April, we send out an events ‘menu’, which lists around 30 performances available for booking through Arts Alive, from Autumn to Spring. The range includes theatre, music, comedy, dance and family shows. There is a ‘booking request window’ in May and most of our events get booked up by June, but we are still able to respond to promoter requests until the funds are all committed. Occasionally, there may be a second ‘booking request window’ between October - November for shows for the following spring. Our funding to subsidise this work comes primarily from Arts Council England.

How much does a host venue have to pay?

Shows actually cost between £500 - £1500, but working in partnership with Arts Alive makes it affordable enough for you to feel confident that you can raise sufficient income on the box office takings.

We offer a range of schemes to help promoters host performances.

Promoters should feel confident that they can sell at least 40 tickets; the minimum suggested adult ticket price is £12.

Venues are encouraged to increase their income and improve the overall ‘night out’ experience by running a bar or refreshments. This can be a good task to delegate to committee members, spreading the load and spreading the word.

Venues are encouraged to support Arts Alive’s core work by making an annual ‘Venue Donation’, this is to bridge the gap created by dwindling local authority funding.

How to apply to become a Live events promoter

Applications to join us are open all year round. However, our year begins in May with the launch of the menu so we would encourage potential promoters to apply before February to ensure they can be included in the Launch event, receive the menu and have the same opportunity to book shows as existing promoters.

Anyone who successfully applies from February to March may be included in the menu launch if it is possible to do so. Otherwise, applicants will be added to our mailing list to receive information for the next menu. 

Our next menu will become available in May 2024, with shows available from September 2024 to March 2025. 

From time to time, we may turn an application down if the location is too close to other, current promoters and their venues.

To apply to become a "Live events" promoter, please download the application form, complete and return it to [email protected]

If you would like to be a Flicks promoter, please continue reading.


Flicks in the Sticks is the touring cinema branch of Arts Alive. Flicks can offer a diverse range of films to schools that are imaginative, ethnically varied and are relevant to the challenges that young people face today. Using the portable Flicks tent, you can host screenings outdoors and in informal spaces.

Can I get flicks to tour to my venue?
We rely on public investment to be able to continue to tour films to village halls and this public investment is of course getting less. So the answer is, it will depend on several factors; whereabouts your venue is situated, whether you already own the kit to screen films, and whether we have the capacity. Please download the application form and more info sheet below for more details.

How do I know what films to choose?
Flicks will provide a menu, with a wide selection of films to choose from and can discuss programming options with you. Once you are a promoter, you can have access to the 'promoter section'. Here you can research films, see other promoters comments on films they have screened and see what other promoters have already booked.

Do I need a license?
Yes, you will need a premises license which covers you for film. Your local authority will have more info. You will also need a PRS licence, and a license to screen each film, but as part of our service we obtain the license to screen the film itself (the film rights). You will of course need public liability insurance.

Can I screen all year round?
If you have your own equipment then yes, you can screen when you like. But be aware that Flicks has found that audiences really drop off in the summer months unless there is a specific local event or festival that you can work with.

Please download the 'Want to Join Flicks' form from the link below and send completed forms to [email protected].