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Kepow Theatre Company
On the Edge

Created and starring Kevin Tomlinson (Sunday Times Playwright Award) and Abi Hood (The Bill, ITV). 5 star rated comedy theatre show that has been seen in over 10 countries on 4 continents; exploring all those moments in life when people find themselves "on the edge. Falling in love, leaving home, getting a job, bungee jumping, you name it, this show explores it!

Age Range: 11+

Kepow Theatre Company
Whose Story is it Anyway?

Starring Kevin Tomlinson (winner of the Sunday Times Playwright Award) and Abi Hood (The Bill, ITV). Exciting stories and scenes are spontaneously created, based on audience suggestions and donated objects. After the scene, the audience scores the story. If they like it, the actors are rewarded. If the audience don't like it, the actors are punished!

Age Range: 11+

Luke Wright
Down the Pub with Luke Wright

Flamboyant, political and riotously funny, Luke Wright creates inventive poems with loads of heart. Part Essex wide boy, part dandy fop, he writes from the sidelines about small-town tragedies and national farce, then performs his work with snarl and spit. Since 2006 he has written and performed nine spoken word shows and two verse plays, touring them to top literary and arts festivals. Alongside his own shows, Luke is John Cooper-Clark’s regular support act, performing at venues such as The London Palladium and The Palace Theatre in Manchester. He’s won a 4Talent Award, a Stage Award, a Fringe First Award, a Saboteur Award, and and NFBC short film competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Age Range: adults

Ruth E. Cockburn
Love Letters from Blackpool

A comic theatre piece about love and Blackpool, commissioned by The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, and subsequently nominated for Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival and Greater Manchester Fringe, uses found love letters, original songs, poetry and audience interaction to answer the questions… What is love? and Is Blackpool still loveable? ****One4Review **** Broadway Baby "Like a series of love stories under a microscope - hand written letters and sneaky kisses under the pier, plus some interesting facts you never knew about this iconic seaside town."

Age Range: 14+ and adults