Arts Award

Arts Alive is an Arts Award supporter providing opportunities to see shows, participate in events, meet artists and review their work. Arts Alive can provide access to good live, low cost professional performances and Big Screen Film and workshops throughout Shropshire and Herefordshire.

  • Discover: Arts Alive can support parts A and B offering the opportunity to talk with local, national and international artists; bringing high quality drama, storytelling, music and dance. Young people can chat directly with companies after a show and take part in occasional workshops.

  • Explore: Arts Alive are able to support parts A and B via access to a variety of performance and diverse companies. As well as taking part in practical arts activities ie workshops young people can experience a wide variety of formats eg performance in the round and cabaret as well as classic end on. Young people will be able to explore the work of artists and groups by talking to actors, dancers and other artists at venues local to them.

  • Bronze: Arts Alive can support parts A, B and C. As Arts Alive venues are mostly not ‘arts dedicated’ spaces, so the presentation is very intimate and informal. It can be possible to get a look at the set and props, puppets etc. We can often organise a post-show Q & A or pre show workshops – please ask! This closer experience can inspire and support young people’s company research.

  • Silver: Arts Alive can support parts C and D with the opportunity to review an event and post via social media or our website.


If you want to ask anything specific about working with young people please email [email protected]

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