Snailbeach Village Hall

, SY5 0NX

Toilet access Yes Toilet access
Toilet space limited No Toilet space limited
Wheelchair access level Yes Wheelchair access level
Standard WC Yes Standard WC
Rear wheelchair access Yes Rear wheelchair access
Ramped wheelchair access Yes Ramped wheelchair access
Ramped down wheelchair access No Ramped down wheelchair access
Level entrance No Level entrance
Designated parking No Designated parking
Reservable parking Yes Reservable parking
Internal lift No Internal lift
Induction loop No Induction loop
Guide dogs Yes Guide dogs

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Upcoming Live Shows


Rabbit Theatre
The Odyssey (Greek stuff!)

From the makers of ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Dracula’ comes ‘The ODYSSEY’: A TALE MORE EXCITING THAN EXCITEMENT ITSELF! Experience Gods and Monsters from the comfort of your seat as you join us on an epic journey to HELL and back! Thrill to Odysseus’s battle with a simple-minded, one-eyed Cyclops… Gasp, with amazement, at Scylla the six-headed monster... Shake with terror as the Sea God Poseidon conjures up a mighty storm... Once again, David Mynne brings you a ‘cast of thousands’ in this slightly bonkers, one-man adaptation of the mighty epic that is ‘The ODYSSEY’. Tremble. Gasp. Cry. Laugh... “STRANGERS! Who are you? Where are you from? You must be fools to creep into my cave uninvited. I am Polyphemus - the mightiest of Cyclops. Tremble,dullards, and prepare to die!”

Age range
Age 12+

Tickets Adult: £10.00 


01743 791327

Extra Event Information
Age 12+

Please obtain tickets by phoning the enquiries number