Hags, Harpies & Harridans

Company Words and Webs

Hags, Harpies & Harridans celebrates the powerful archetype of the older woman in myth, legend, epic and fairytale, and her role as activist and fierce guardian of all that is precious and endangered. Jane Flood (hag/trollop) is a renowned Somerset-based storyteller whose passion is story and the natural world. Rina Vergano (harpy/harridan) is a writer, comedic performer and emcee. Together they stir up an other-wordly brew of storytelling, spoken word, rants and song, and offer you a taste of dark and dangerous delights. “These two seasoned performers open up a box of bittersweet stories, poems, songs and humour with which to tantalise their audience. Dip in, and enjoy.” (Bristol 24/7)