The Man Who Knew Infinity (12a)

Director Matt Brown. Biography/Drama

Colonial India, 1913. Srinavasa Ramanujan is a 25-year-old shipping clerk and self-taught genius, who failed out of college due to his near-obsessive, solitary study of mathematics. Determined to pursue his passion despite rejection and derision from his peers, Ramanujan writes a letter to G. H. Hardy, an eminent British mathematics professor at Trinity College, Cambridge. Hardy recognizes the originality and brilliance of Ramanujan's raw talent and despite the skepticism of his colleagues, undertakes bringing him to Cambridge so that his theories can be explored.

Starring Jeremony Irons, Dev Patel, Stephen Fry.

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

A captivating film!!

Wonderful study of personalities, relationships and prejudices within academia at the time of the first world war. Don't be put off by the mathematics theme.

Very good, majority gave it 10, a few 9 and two 8

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