The Lady in the Van (12)

Director Nicholas Hytner. Biography/Drama, written by Alan Bennett

Maggie Smith stars in the hilarious and heartwarming ‘The Lady In The Van’. A colourfully complex character, Miss Shepherd “temporarily” parked in the driveway of Alan Bennett’s home – and stayed there for 15 years! After inviting herself in to Bennett’s house to use the bathroom, she proved impossible to budge. Despite her prickly, irascible nature, the neighbourhood quickly warmed to her certain brand of charm, and she eventually became the essential heart and soul of the community.

Starring Maggie Smith, James Corden, Jim Broadbent and Frances de la Tour

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Slow to start but a great, touching film..

A very enjoyable film combining the absurd, humour and sadness.

Everyone agreed that Maggie Smith is a wonderful actress and definitely became "The lady in the van." However opinions varied quite a lot about the film as a whole. Several thought it didn't come up to expectations, while others really enjoyed it.

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