Dark Horse The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance (PG)

Director Louise Osmond. Documentary/Drama

This is a terrifically enjoyable true story about a group of friends from a workingmen's club in the Valleys who decide to breed themselves a racehorse. Amazingly the horse they raised on the allotments in Cefn Forest takes them on a roller coaster journey to the top of the racing world. Following their dream the bar maid, ex-miners and pensioners mix with Countesses and Sheikhs in the owners enclosure at Aintree. They’re a hugely likeable crew who tell their story with broad smiles on their faces, still barely able to believe how a horse gave hope to their whole village. "Funny, inspiring - with a round of applause at the end." Flicks Promoter

Starring Dream Alliance, as himself.

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

A delight in every way. Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Enjoyed by all and it was our best attendance for a very long time.

A delightful film, greatly enjoyed by the audience. The surprise was to discover that the actors were in fact the real people involved in the actual events. They all performed brilliantly, spoke rather more clearly than many modern actors, and appeared to enjoy their time in front of the camera. And Dream Alliance was magnificent. What a story.

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