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In 2017 three artists opened our eyes to new ways of seeing and understanding our fragile south Shropshire hills landscape. Spectators and participants were given the opportunity to explore and appreciate the history, the stories and the future of this beautiful rugged upland area and understand what part we humans play in caring for it.

We worked with three artists/composers:

Tony Plant

Land Artist Tony Plant is a site specific artist whose multi-disciplinary, ephemeral works are exhibited and recognised globally. Over the course of the Heartland project he worked closely with the National Trust team to create a series of small and large scale, temporary interventions within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, lasting from a matter of hours to a season to many decades. His work at Carding Mill Valley is there for all to see - why not go and take a look! 

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Mary Keith

Composer and chior leader Mary Keith is a composer, music and choir director. She has worked with community singing groups in Shropshire and beyond, on projects responding to local events and places. Mary created unique new choral music that was both inspired by the Shropshire Hills and created in situ. She took groups of singers into the landscape to explore through their voices the acoustics, spaces, myths and physical properties of the geological features. 

Stan's Cafe Theatre

Theatre makers Stan's Cafe is a highly acclaimed theatre company based in the West Midlands that has spent more than 25 years playfully exploring new theatrical ideas and sharing them with audiences around the world. Inspired by the Shropshire Hills they developed a new performance, set in the distant future, called The Camp, which helped us imagine what it may have been like to inhabit this land in the Iron Age. 

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The Heartland project has proven hugely popular and we hope to see more outdoor land art in the Autumn.

Heartland is a partnership project between:


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