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Alison Neil
Mrs Beeton, My Sister

Mrs Beeton, a fat old cook? Far from it.... but she was a real person. Award-winning playwright Alison Neil provides a lively retelling of the entertaining and moving story of Isabella Beeton's surprising life, and how she came to write the world-famous "Book of Household Management". Rescheduled twice following snow in December and March! "Lively, humorous and engaging...not to be missed!" Age 12+

Age Range: 12+

David Mynne
A Christmas Carol

Joy to all mankind... Bah! Spend an evening in the company of a mean, tight-fisted, squeezing, grasping, clutching old miser. Bah! Watch horrified as Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by four creepy ghosts (wooo-oooh) each one more terrifying than the last. Bah! Sob at the bedside of a tiny, malnourished child riven with rickets. Bah! Yes, the team that brought you Great Expectations, Dracula and The Odyssey will now take you on a grim journey through the dark, dismal streets of Victorian London, where Ignorance and Want cower together....and hopefully a few laughs. Bah! Celebrate the festive season with a mesmerising one-man performance of Charles Dickens' timeless, transformative story: A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Bah! Bah! David Mynne is a founder member of Cornwall’s legendary Kneehigh Theatre.

Age Range: 8+

Fluff Productions
Agent of Influence: the Secret Life of Pamela More

‘Mid-calf, navy blue day dress with pearl buttons by Victor Stiebel. Dove-grey tweed jacket and fox stole by House of Hartnell. Hat by Elsa Schiaparelli. Perfect for luncheons, jaunts around town and spying on fascists.’ Lady Pamela, fashion columnist and socialite, is recruited by MI5 to keep notes on Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, suspected to be colluding with the German Embassy. Pamela discovers that what began as an adventure has become a deadly struggle for power in a world in the shadow of war. Adults and older children.

John Osborne
John Peel's Shed

In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of records that took eight years to listen to. This is an ode to radio, those records, and anyone who’s ever sought solace in the wireless. This show features a selection of records previously owned by the late John Peel. Many are very rare recordings by obscure and now defunct bands, and this is a unique opportunity for any Peel fans. A version of the show was recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre and broadcast on Radio 4, and it was chosen as Pick of the Day in The Radio Times. 'Beautifully-written, funny and poignant… Just as John Peel’s records changed his life this lovely, simple, beautifully executed show has enriched ours' The Scotsman *****

Louise Jordan
No Petticoats Here

Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Louise Jordan tells the stories of inspirational women who challenged expectations. From the woman who dressed as a soldier on the Western Front to the women football players banned by the FA, the ambulance drivers running the gauntlet of enemy fire in Flanders and the so-called ‘surplus million’ single women. Inspirational women, working in a time of conflict, leaving a legacy. “a gutsy and meticulously researched project” Songlines “the diligence of a scholar and the heart of an artist” R2 Mag “Made me want to stand up and fight.” Emily, August 2016

Age Range: 12+;

Publick Transport
We Are Brontë

Morecambe and Wise meets David Lynch in this madcap reimagining of the Brontë myth, presented in Publick Transport's playful and irreverent style. Taking the real and fictitious worlds of Yorkshire's literary siblings as their inspiration, two performers combine rigorous physical theatre with anarchic comedy to deconstruct not only gothic themes of love, madness and revenge, but also themselves. Expect wind, spooky houses and really bad coughs. Age 12+

Age Range: 12+

Rebecca Perry Productions Inc.
Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl

Anthropology graduate Joanie Little is stuck working as a barista. She decides to make the most of her “underemployment." So like Jane Goodall did with chimpanzees, this upbeat Miss studies her only available subjects: the eccentric customers of her ‘Coffeeshop Jungle’. Hilarity ensues, with jazzy tunes, co-worker showdowns, life lessons and even a bit of romance! Canadian performer Rebecca Perry has created this internationally successful show for anyone who has ever had a job they didn’t like, featuring over 30 characters all performed by Perry herself! “Impeccable comic timing….Perry is an animated and engaging performer” The Nouse UK

Age Range: 9+

Red Ladder Theatre Company
Wrong 'Un

A Suffragette’s Story February 1918, Parliament is poised to grant what the suffragettes have fought for – votes for women. After years of direct action, imprisonment and force-feeding, it seems their time has come. A new musical drama, Wrong ‘Un tells the story a Lancashire mill-girl on her journey from schoolroom to prison cell and beyond.

Age Range: 12+

RedCape Theatre
Thunder Road

Thunder Road will appeal to both comedy and theatre audiences. It’s a humorous yet celebratory look at the voluntary sector: a very funny, vibrant show which also takes on weightier issues of control and empowerment and which will have a genuinely broad appeal across ages and social groups. All about the power of the Heimlich manoeuvre, adventure and escape, the death of the Little Chef, the call of the open road, and the kind of friendship you'd take a bullet for…!

Age Range: 12+

Squashbox Theatre
Stones and Bones

Journey to an ancient magical land of Stones and Bones… Find out all about archaeology and fossils, say hello to one of your stone-age ancestors, hear stories of giants and wizards, see a volcano erupting before your very eyes, and maybe even glimpse a dinosaur or two… There will be thrills and spills galore, but also lots of laughs, plenty of puppets, songs, slapstick, tall tales and crazy characters – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

Age Range: 5+ and families

Tangram Theatre
A Hundred Different Words for Love

Three years ago, James met the love of his life. A year ago, they broke up. Blending theatre, comedy and live music, this is a hilarious, heart-lifting story of romance, despair and friendship – from one of the UK’s most acclaimed storytellers, who charmed Arts Alive audiences last year with 'Team Viking.' **** 'A master storyteller – with wit and charm in abundance’ WhatsOnStage ***** ‘A triumph... will find a way to break (and mend) your heart’ Broadway Baby

Age Range: 14+

The Big Bang Gang
Sarajevo Big Bang

In 1914 Gavrilio Princip killed Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. Through stories, songs and a crazy cabaret, follow a cast of characters on a surprising journey through power struggles and secret machinations and understand just how we are all connected to the gunshot that started “The Great War." Maria is a professional storyteller and artist; Staffan a writer of books and plays who brings to life the historical background of the shot and its aftermath, while Eva is a singer, actress and dramatist. These talented Swedish performers take turns in pushing the story forwards, while tension mounts. Feel the magic! “Many thanks for a super theatre experience that was insightful, intimate and full of surprises” audience feedback. Age 12+

Age Range: Age 12+

The Last Baguette
The Little Match Girl: A Warming Tale for Winter

London. The last evening of the year. A little girl struggles fiercely through the snow. In a vain attempt to stay warm she strikes a match, and in the fatal cold the flames blaze to life and guide her to fantastic Christmas visions. In this magic, humorous and poignant show, Last Baguette use physical comedy, live music and visual storytelling to shine a light on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale.

Age Range: Families; children 5+

Untied Artists
Library Lion

Adapted by Untied Artists from the award winning book by Michelle Knudsen & published by Candlewick Everyone knows rules have to be followed, especially in libraries. No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But what would happen if a lion came to your storytime? There aren’t any rules about lions are there? This beautiful story invigorates an endangered species - the local library - with songs, laughter, lots of joining in, and maybe even a big furry hug. But NO ROARING!

Age Range: age 3 - 6